Most people telephone for readings as they would have one thing they would like to know.

If you came to see how good psychics are then you wont get much from the reader.

Also we are not god or goddesses eg do not have a magic wand. Lifes problems are to develop us depending on how we choose to deal with them :)   I work with total honesty.                                                                      

The call can often be wasted money when doing this also the psychics time and energy.

The best way I work with clients is to ask them to relax with note pad light candle if they have one,

incense is nice also and just to be open minded to what I pick up. Just your name is asked and your voice if on phone. I do not question i sense and tell you.


 Yes I predict but not false hope certainly not lottery numbers

or I wouldnt be here to read you as I would be rich ha ha. The one thing I do not do is offer to

change anything in your life also I dont tell anyone what to do we have all free will

Life is to learn lessons to grow the soul thats why we get the knock backs, but i certainly can help you get back on track. Love compassion & healing energy is my joy.

The readings that are the best you will instantly know are truthful realistic and do not give false hope, I can say though this is fortune telling which sadly is disappearing due to EU ruling.

  The readings are practical sensible advice you will be able to guide yourself
 knowing whats ahead. I suggest clients choose the readers voice they feel most comfortable with as we are all intuitive :)



Thanks Angel for the fantastic reading 4th July 2007 please keep up great work i didnt believe

all you told me but yes it happend relationship area explained totally different to what id thought

will be back Donna A  Liverpool.


Stuart here was skeptical at first but when asked nothing and everything was picked up on phone whilst just chatting to you giving nothing away, thanks for accuracy & compassion but tell your guide not to laugh at me next time love to you thanks Stu x


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