This page is to help anyone to learn the simple way to meditate.

Lots of clients I read for frequently say I can't meditate or what purpose does it have? The purposes differ from person to person but the one thing from meditation is that there are always some benefits.

Timing is not important at first as forcing or trying too hard ends in no joy. It should be enjoyable not hard work at all times. Even if the only benefit is to relax thats fine but can eventually lead to spiritual & psychic development. As when the mind stops wizzing round from thought to thought that is the only time we are truly at peace.

Right lets start an easy way is to light a candle or tealight on fireplace ground level or on a dish on coffee table next to it light joss stick or incense cone so the smoke floats over the candle.

Then just watch the smoke drift you will find after couple of mins that there are no thoughts coming in it even feels trance like so relaxing. If your eyelids go down allow it and feel your breathing slowly deeply come into your abdomen and out through your mouth.

Should you prefer the breathing technique relax all your body some like to tense all muscles then relax them play soft music new age type helps. Then slowly breath in through nose and out through mouth,if you like counting to 4 as you inhale and 4 as you exhale as sometimes this makes things easier. Or simply concentrate on the breath. I find the music inspiring you may find you see somewhere out doors by stream or grass you like to go. Sitting there you can have your own healing area for emotional or physical healing.

Also this can connect you to the energies of the higher spiritual realms as you breath slowly in and out nice steady deep breaths.Or just enjoy what you see you may see your guides or angels here some people when they have found this space or relaxed to breathing, say they have never felt such peace & love. Even watching the incense smoke will help with stress, meditation is a powerful tool for self help and healing. After a bad day I light the incense watch it go away and imagine the troubles go drift away with it give that a try evening. Then see how you sleep :) Don't ever think if you only manage 1 minute your no good its no race, each time it will last longer you will feel better. If you need guiding through there are cds do this or sometimes local groups. My experience from this is the peace and healing in my meditations releases my stresses and draws me to be more interested in the spiritual than the material world. Eastern mantras repeated in meditation stop any thoughts coming in and draw you into the loving light god energies.Totally life transforming if practised regular 5-20mins session per day.Many can be found on the internet try them aloud see which feels best :)               

People do often ask if they can be psychic  

I believe yes many people can learn to access their Psychic abilities because it is a natural condition within all of us, but like any ability I believe it has to be worked on like any other, playing a musical instrument etc
I truly believe it is not a gift as ibelieve in Reincarnation, and that Psychics & mediums have had to train for these abilities over many Lifetimes in Temples and Mystery Schools and also Between Lives in the World of Spirit.
Sitting in a Development Circle is a good way to develop, as long as you are encouraged to give good messages evidence of afterlife. A quick route to developing Psychic abilities, sit comfortably, with No distractions at all, Music or anything, and Gaze gently ahead of you, not Staring, just gently Gazing, preferably out of a Window, at least for 10 mins at a time
After a while you will notice that the Chatter inside our heads will stop, you will start to see little bits Light, and the more you practise this, you will eventually see Coloured sparkles of Light that will be the beginning of Clairvoyant Vision.
Pros and Cons
The main Pro for me, is a feeling of being more connected to my Spirit Guides and Family, and also the other Dimensions that overlap our own
an expanded awareness of all things, so we don’t feel so alone and isolated, and then also the being so much more connected to the Nature World, realizing that All Plant Life, Insects and All Creatures have a very intelligent and Very aware Consciousness the modern day saying we are all one. One light living energy one love energy
The Cons
No one can pull the wool over your eyes, you know exactly how a person is feeling, which may sound like a pro, & it is, but it can also leave you with a few less Friends if you aren’t connecting on a Mental and Emotional level, never mind Soul level which will become more of a requirement for a Psychic Person.
I have spent time on and off over the years at Spiritualist Churches development circles i also mainly do buddhist meditations,  I have enjoyed most of the experiences, the only con I found there, is sometimes I have come across inflated Egos, I like to think that I am not special am just a channel for Spirit, likewise, when I give Hands on Healing don’t think I am doing it, I am just Channelling the Healing Energy. I just step out of the picture spirit come in I work as a channel. Healing can be done via camera comfort of your own home call me to chat about this it is complementary. No service substitutes medical profession advice or interferes with treatments medicines.

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